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Business and Economy

Waterways support business and economic growth by:

  • Generating jobs and boosting the local economy
  • Maximising external funding
  • Creating the climate and environment for investment
  • Improving sustainable transport
  • Enhancing the quality of life of communities

The argument

The 154 miles of canal in Staffordshire in itself supports the economy with marinas and waterside businesses such as inns, restaurants and boat-building and repair facilities. The waterside environment is a high quality one which attracts well-designed developments and facilities which create and maintain employment (eg. Etruria Valley in Stoke-on-Trent) as well as attractive residential developments, such as the Whitebridge Estate in Stone and modern marina developments such as Aston and Great Haywood Marinas. For every £1 spent on development, there is a return of £7.1

1: from the Water Adds Value video (IWA/CRT 2014)

Norbury Junction

A busy day at Norbury Junction. Photo courtesy Waterway images Ltd